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5 reasons to buy Antique & Vintage Jewellery

There are many reasons people buy antique jewellery, often for very personal reasons or simply just because they love it. We believe there are many reasons why you should be collecting Antique and Vintage jewellery, here are just a few.  History When you buy an antique or vintage piece you are buying a piece of history. You are becoming the ‘care-taker’ of a piece which has probably seen more than we… Continue Reading “5 reasons to buy Antique & Vintage Jewellery”
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The Ultimate Guide to Birthstones

Birthstones are gemstones which represent the month of a person’s birth. Each month has one, two or three gemstones associated with it, all with hidden meanings and rich in history. Birthstone jewellery makes the perfect personalised gift that can be treasured forever.  January – Garnet The birthstone for January is Garnet. Garnet is commonly found in a rich, fiery red shade although they… Continue Reading “The Ultimate Guide to Birthstones”
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The Ultimate Guide to Art Deco Jewellery

The Art Deco era derives its name from the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes (the International Exposition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts). The expedition took place in Paris, 1925 and is said to have influenced the worldwide popularity of Art Deco design. Although the expedition itself wasn’t until 1925, the Art Deco era is known to span from around 1918… Continue Reading “The Ultimate Guide to Art Deco Jewellery”
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The Ultimate Guide to Edwardian Jewellery

The Edwardian Era, like the Georgian and Victorian eras before it, derives its name from the reign of the English monarch, Edward VII (1901-1910). King Edward VII was the eldest son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and his reign marked the final period in jewellery to be named after an English monarch.  King Edward was known for his carefree extravagant lifestyle and the style of jewellery named after… Continue Reading “The Ultimate Guide to Edwardian Jewellery”
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The Ultimate Guide to Victorian Jewellery

The Victorian era, named after the reign of Queen Victoria, spanned from 1837 to 1901. She ascended the throne at age 18 and in 1840, married Prince Albert. Because of its length, the Victorian era is typically broken up into three periods. The Romantic period, circa 1837–60; the Grand period, marked by the death of the Queen’s husband, circa 1860–80; and the late Victorian or Aesthetic period, 1880-1901,… Continue Reading “The Ultimate Guide to Victorian Jewellery”
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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Diamonds

Each Diamond, like a human finger print, is unique. Formed in the earth billions of years ago, there are no two Diamonds the exact same. However, Diamonds can significantly vary in both appearance and cost depending on a number of factors. The Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat weight of a Diamond, known as the 4 C’s, are the most important factors to consider when making a Diamond purchase.  … Continue Reading “The Ultimate Guide to Buying Diamonds”
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Royal Jewels: Marie Antoinette, Queen of France

November (2018) has been an exciting month in the world of jewellery. We have seen a collection of Marie Antoinette’s jewels for the first time in 200 years, and then those jewels went up for auction and broke records with a $36 million selling price for a single Pearl and Diamond pendant, along with a total auction price of $53.2m (£41m). History of the Jewels In March of 1791, Queen Marie Antoinette prepared… Continue Reading “Royal Jewels: Marie Antoinette, Queen of France”
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What is Suffragette Jewellery?

The popularity of Suffragette jewellery has exploded over recent years after the release of the film ‘Suffragette’, marking the 100-year anniversary of women getting the vote. When I first heard about Suffragette jewellery, I was of the belief that all jewellery from the early 20th century featuring the Green, Purple and White colours were related to the movement. But oh, how I was wrong…  … Continue Reading “What is Suffragette Jewellery?”
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What is Antique Paste Jewellery?

A question I often get asked is “What is Paste Jewellery?” At Lancastrian Jewellers, we love Paste jewels, and if you’ve been following our page for a while, you’ll already know this.  As a young collector myself, I understand Gemstones and Diamonds aren’t the friendliest to the wallet. I love buying and selling Paste because it allows you to have wonderful quality… Continue Reading “What is Antique Paste Jewellery?”