The Autumn Jewellery Trend Report '22

The Autumn Jewellery Trend Report '22

Although you’re probably in full Summer mode right now, Autumn is only just around the corner and at Lancastrian Jewellers we are excited to discuss jewellery trends for Autumn / Winter 2022. While jewellery doesn’t traditionally have the same seasonality as the latest handbag or shoe, and may not be able to keep out the cold, no look on the catwalk is truly complete without a personal touch of jewellery. Now, let’s discuss the jewellery trends…

This Autumn, the catwalk was full of statement jewellery, with designers referencing many past deacdes all at once. Now, finding just the right amount of sparkle often comes down to personal preference but we thought we would give you some jewellery trend inspiration. The catwalk for Autumn / Winter saw the return of bangles, pearls, crystals, lockets, flower power rings and flower jewellery just to name a few. At Lancastrian Jewellers we have a whole range of vintage and antique bangles, pearls, crystal jewellery, flower power rings and flower jewellery pieces in stock.

The “more is more” sentiment seems to epitomise the biggest Autumn/Winter 2022 jewellery trends, from sculptural jewellery and chunky cuff bracelets to large cocktail and multi-finger rings.

Our Autumn / Winter Jewellery Edit

Off The Cuff

Bangles are the bracelet of choice for Autumn. Stack your bangles, or let a standout piece in silver or gold become the leading accessory. When it comes to bracelets, more is more is more and bigger is better.


Let’s Shop Bangles…

Crystal Visions

Adorn yourself in crystal drops and outshine the chandelier. Combining the frivolity of the flapper era with the flamboyance of the ’80s, rhinestone and crystal-decked jewellery proved to be a popular look for an evening.

Let’s Shop Crystals…

Statement Florals

Pre-dating jewellery, women wore flowers as accessories.

Vintage and antique floral brooches are the perfect way to achieve this trend.

Pearls are another jewellery trend continuing for Autumn. Layer your pearls and pile them on in a roaring ’20s fashion.

Flower Power Rings

Despite being synonymous with spring, floral jewellery made a strong appearance in the Autumn / Winter Catwalks. Dainty rings have been the go-to choice for daily wear for some time. But, come Autumn, it’s time to go big with cocktail and multi-finger rings.

Antique Collector

From engagement rings to lockets, vintage and antique jewellery continues to rise in popularity, and the Autumn/Winter 2022 season is no different. At Lancastrian Jewellers we stock a variety of antique and vintage lockets, they all look gorgeous attached to a chain, it’s the perfect way to be on trend but also hold a keepsake close to your heart.

Thank you for reading, we hope you enjoyed our Autumn / Winter Trend Report, and hopefully you feel inspired going into the new season.

Here at Lancastrian Jewellers, we stock a great range of jewellery from antique pieces to modern classics, we have something for everyone.
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