Who Were The Jewellers to Queen Victoria?

Who Were The Jewellers to Queen Victoria?

If you have been following us recently over on our instagram you will have seen our latest exciting antique discoveries. 
We have been lucky enough to discover two antique jewellery pieces produced by Queen Victoria's jewellers during her reign on the throne during the 1800's! 
Before we dive into our newest arrivals, let's take a look into the history of Queen Victoria's Crown Jewellers...
Queen Victorias Jewellery


Garrard has held a Royal Warrant to the British Royal family for 166 years!

The Garrard firm was Crown Jeweller between 1843 and 2007. What is today known as the House of Garrard, began life in 1722 with the skilled silversmith, George Wickes (1698-1761). Having established a reputation for his rococo style silverwear, Wickes gained the attention of Frederick, Prince of Wales.

The firm prepared the Crown Jewels for the coronations of every monarch from King Edward VII (1841–1910) onwards.

They worked on many commissions for members of the royal family such as Queen Victoria's Small Diamond Crown, which was designed to be worn above her widow's cap as she mourned her last husband, Prince Albert (1819–61).

Queen Victoria's Small Diamond Crown, C.1870, Source - The Royal Collection

Queen Victoria's Small Diamond Crown, C. 1870.

Source - The Royal Collection

Garrard & Co truly were an incredible jewellers of the time and we are thrilled to have discovered a true piece of history...

This extraordinary find is a must-have for collectors and those seeking a touch of vintage elegance. 

Complete with its original R&S Garrard & Co. bangle box (jeweller to Queen Victoria!).

This Antique Sapphire and Diamond Gold Bangle, is a true treasure from the Victorian period. 

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this stunning bangle showcases the enchanting combination of sapphires, diamonds, and gold, creating a timeless piece of jewellery.


Today the remarkable story of the Jacobs brothers from Hull has been largely forgotten but, more than a century later, their respective achievements have stood the test of time.

Benjamin Septimus Jacobs and Charles Mattathias Jacobs undoubtedly inherited some of their talents from their father Bethel, one of Hull’s leading figures in the mid-19th century. An inventor, musician, actor and politician, he followed his own father’s footsteps by becoming a silversmith and clockmaker.

Bethel Jacobs was one of town’s best-known personalities, having led the promotion of Hull’s industry and commerce at the Great Exhibition in London and playing a leading role in organising the visit of Queen Victoria in 1854. He was made jeweller and silversmith to the Queen in the same year. 
Which leads us on to another of our most recent discoveries...A jaw dropping Antique Victorian Etruscan revival brooch made by the established Hull based jewellers 'Bethel Jacobs' in the mid to late 19th century. 

This beautiful brooch comes with the original fitted box from Bethel Jacobs which is just as remarkable as the brooch itself and a true collectors item all on its own with its wonderful navy blue velvet and satin inside. 

This magnificent brooch is crafted from 15ct Gold and has the original glass back and pin, completed with breathtaking detail including a blue enamel star in the centre and a beautiful natural iridescent pearl stone.

Thank you for reading, make sure to keep your eyes peeled when out browsing stalls, antique fairs or even online for these Jewellers designs!

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