Anillos tamaño P (7,5 EE. UU.)

Nuestros anillos de talla P tienen una circunferencia de 57 mm, que corresponde a la talla de anillo de EE. UU. 7,5 y a la talla de UE 55,5. Aproveche nuestra entrega gratuita en el Reino Unido, envío internacional gratuito para pedidos superiores a £500 y la oportunidad de cambiar el tamaño de numerosos anillos exquisitos para garantizar un ajuste perfecto para su querida pieza.

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The Perfect Fit

In the UK, ring size P stands out as a popular choice for women. Our P size rings come with a circumference of 57mm, equivalent to a US ring size 7.5 and an EU size 55.5. If you're unsure whether this size is the right fit for you, use our user-friendly ring size guide to help you find the perfect ring size for you.

Celebrating Love and Dedication

For those embarking on a romantic journey, our collection showcases an enchanting array of engagement rings, each one a testament to your unique love story. And when that special moment arrives, know that we're here to help you find the ideal wedding ring, symbolizing your enduring commitment and love.