Our Jewellery Guide for Men

Our Jewellery Guide for Men

Treat yourself or a special someone to our pick of the very best antique and vintage jewellery for men. From necklaces, rings and earrings to bracelets, we have something for everyone..

Men have been rocking chains and rings for an age (literally – the Egyptians were some of the first to don ornate body trinkets), but it hasn’t been until recent years that men have really started to wear their jewellery with pride.

In the most recent Spring/Summer catwalks there’s been a nod towards genderless and androgynous styling, which means many of the trends we’ve seen over in women’s jewellery, like the ‘neck mess’ and the arrival of chokers, statement earrings and cuff bracelets applies to gents too.

Necklaces are indeed the most obvious port of call for fashion-forward men this year, if you are new to mens jewellery a chain necklace is definitely the best place to start, they look great worn with an everyday T-shirt to elevate your look. A simple chain is the perfect way to start your jewellery collection. 

chain necklace

Add some earrings to your daily accessory line to up the ante on your style. Men’s earrings are having a fashion resurgence, and it’s more acceptable than ever for a guy to be sporting some ear bling. Stud earrings are a great place to start, simplicity is key. We currently have a pair of vintage diamond stud earrings which feature a total of 0.15ct of diamonds modelled in 18ct yellow gold, a great addition to any collection.


The cufflink has been a persistent element of men’s style for nearly 800 years. Prior to its existence, tailors used buttons solely as decoration, and men kept their clothes together with pins, laces and straps. Cufflinks are accessories that have more power than you may first think. Small details really do make a BIG difference, so, for all you suit wearers out there, it’s time to turn your attention to simple and engineered men’s accessories. 

From ancient history to the present day, men have worn rings to signify wealth, privilege, and their marital status. One ring in particular that is making a comeback in men’s jewellery is the signet ring.

Signet rings have a pretty long-standing history when it comes to their backstory. Maybe more so than the majority of other pieces of jewellery. A signet ring would have been worn as proof of identification (the rings were engraved with their family crest) and the ring would be dipped into hot wax and used to seal important documents with the imprinted crest. The family crest would be engraved in reverse so that the printed seal was perfectly intact.

signet rings

Usually worn on the pinky finger on the non-dominant hand, this history dates back as far as the Bronze Age 2000 BC. Giving it some serious antiquity.

One of today’s most wanted men’s accessories are bracelets. Chain bracelets are very popular among men. The simple design and durability of most chain bracelets is the reason why they are so popular. Just like a chain necklace they are a great addition to your jewellery collection if you are starting out, and they look great for everyday wear too.

chain bracelets

Here at Lancastrian Jewellers, we stock a great range of jewellery from antique pieces to modern classics, we have something for everyone.
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